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Those Who Leave

from by Trinity & Triage



"This cut by Trinity & Triage from their self titled release will take you back to when Hammond organs ruled the world (1960′s). 'Those who leave' spins slightly middle-eastern melodies into an intricate psychedelic guitar haze with thick bass rhythms which tighten into a quick tourniquet perfectly shape-charged to consume your mind.

The wicked keyboard riffs destroy any chance you’ll switch the playlist until the song is over. Once the Hammond gets started it commands the air-space and refuses to let you escape from the bitter-sweet harmonic tone." - ElectricDisk


Those who leave
Where do you go?
Where do you go?
When you die?

Enter a lake of fire
Food for a giant eagle
Wander the earth in shadow
As you believe so we shall
Body a broken bottle
Energy is immortal
Exit the world of ego
As you believe so we shall

When our time has come
Or something more?

Those who leave
Do you know love?
Feel my love?
All will be revealed

When it’s my, my time
Or something more
Those who could say
Don’t talk no more


from Trinity & Triage, released January 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Trinity & Triage England, UK

Born from the songwriting of Ralph Feetham, then later joined by Deanna Quijada and Kevin Hartnell, Trinity & Triage began working on their first demo together ("Scorn") back in 2011.

Trinity & Triage encapsulates a blend of progressive, psychedelic, indie, folk, world, and retro rock sounds.
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